Hjertets magnetisme og livets magi


The Dance Of The Shadows

Photo from Canva


I had not been on the dance floor for a long, long time. I thought I knew all the steps and the moves. Thought I was in control.


Until one day. There I am in the spotlight on the dance floor. In the light, I feel comfortable and safe. Convincing myself that everything is fine. But, for something that seems forever, I have sensed a threat to my wellness, louring in the darkness. It feels like piercing eyes are watching my every movement, wanting my attention. Getting closer.

Desperately, I’m looking for another dance partner. Someone less scary, more familiar. I find it. An old habit.


I want to signal to whoever has taken an interest in me from the dark, that I’m not available. I already have a dance partner, and I like this one very much, thank you! My attempts to distract myself fail miserably. It’s impossible to ignore the presence that is following me. I feel the interest of the one I’m holding passing. I let it go.


Les mer....

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